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Further Strengthening of Business Foundations and Tackling New Fields – Aiming for Stable and Sustainable Growth

 Since opening its first store in 1978, our company has been sustained by numerous customers, and has steadily increased the number of its stores and expanded its business.

 So that we can provide the customers who visit our stores with products and services that are better today than yesterday and that will be still better tomorrow, we have endeavored to grow further every day, adapt to the changes in the world and create new changes of our own, and enable customers to feel an even greater sense of satisfaction. At present, while fulfilling the mission of chain stores – to provide uniform products and services nationwide – we are actively promoting efforts to transcend the limits of chain stores: each of our stores is conducting “store-level marketing” that will highlight its features and characteristics as an individual store.

 In our 5th Medium-Term Management Policy (May 2015 – May 2017), we have taken up the theme of “further strengthening our business foundations and tackling new fields.” While our basic stance until now, of “adapting to change and creating change,” will be maintained, we want to once again raise awareness about “growth” and put effort into (1) further cultivating the CoCo Ichibanya business in Japan, (2) strengthening our overseas operations, and (3) strengthening our functions as a manufacturer and aggressively tackling new fields.

 In order to achieve the business objective that we have established – “to share a feeling of happiness with all people related to the company” – the entire company will join together and aim for the stable and sustainable growth of business results. I ask that you please continue to provide us with your valued support in the future.

Toshiya Hamajima, President and Representative Director ICHIBANYA CO., LTD.

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